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Each practitioner at Purify Essential Wellness has unique attributes, in depth knowledge and life experience which makes them an invaluable part of our team and enables them to support you on your path to wellness. They each contribute to the richness of your experience at Purify Essential Wellness.

The practice was initially called, Pure in Heart, following divine guidance which drew Anne-Maree to a passage in the Bible:

Matt 5:8 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” 


Reiki Master Teacher - Teaching all Levels of Reiki (RMT)

  • Spiritual Healer specialising in Subconscious Trauma and Past Pain Release

• IIN Integrative Nutritionist Health Coach

• Naturopathic Herbalist

- Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine, incorporating Iridology, Nutrition, Counselling, Bach and Bush Flowers - (Dorothy Hall)

• Clairvoyant & Certified Angel Intuitive (Doreen Virtue)

• Speaker and Lecturer for Transformative Workshops and Courses

• Healing Meditation Teacher

• Program & Practitioner Training Facilitator

• MINDD Practitioner 

• Former Lawyer and Partner in Sydney Law Firm, LLB Hons (Bachelor of Law - Honours)


-Grand Master Usui


-Grand Master Usui

Anne-Maree aims to help you to recognise who you are in truth. She guides you to see the root cause of your problems and with guidance remove subconscious barriers to create a deep sense of inner peace in all areas of your life. She helps you to completely understand and accept yourself completely, to discover your hidden potential and what you can uniquely contribute to this world.

Every individual is blessed with gifts, which are rarely utilised to their full capacity due to fear, conditioned behaviour patterns, past experiences and the interference of others. She assists you to detach from the drama, maintain yourself despite surrounding turmoil and to see your life from a higher perspective. She assists you to transition from fear to love, to own your personal power, to confidently stand in your truth and communicate it, to follow your inner guidance, to live with integrity, to be strong and courageous, to maintain yourself in perfect balance and to create a future filled with health, healing, harmony and hope with gratitude, ease and grace.

Through opening your heart to love and building self empowerment, self love, personal strength and integrity you have the potential to create a future filled with health, healing, harmony and hope with gratitude, ease and grace.

Anne-Maree is grateful for the healing properties of nature and uses herbal medicine and iridology (taught by the late Dorothy Hall), essential oils, flower essences (Australian Bush and Bach) and nature extensively in her healing practice.

She is grateful to be able to work with the talented, empathetic, down to earth and authentic practitioners who work with her at Purify Essential Wellness.

Anne-Maree transitioned from simple farm life (growing up on a 3,500 acre farm) to a career as a lawyer (becoming an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law and a Partner in a medium sized firm at age 30) to then transition to a career in natural therapies whilst devoting her time to raising her 2 children, initially completing an Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine with Dorothy Hall she went on to learn Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3 with one practitioner then relearnt Reiki Level 3 and Teacher Level with another practitioner. She then completed the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification and has continued her studies. 

Her life has been filled with lessons, trials and tribulations as many of ours are. She has directly and/or indirectly experienced the effects of alcoholism, suicide, terminal illness, severe childhood illness, sexual abuse, betrayal, deception, failed relationships, financial hardship, physical violence and tragedy. She chose to transform herself and use her knowledge and life experiences to help others.

She is peacefully fulfilled when she is embraced by mother nature, communing with spirit, relating with animals, exercising, writing, drawing, travelling, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her family and friends and most of all when she is helping others find a path to peace.

It was in the times that much was required of her that she found a depth to her soul, a strong connection to God and the ability to understand the soul's journey. Her wealth of life experience and intellectual, rational mind enables her to compassionately understand you and to empathetically assist you in a rational, practical manner.

She has worked with young aboriginal children, the catastrophically injured and families suffering extreme losses or inexplicable fears.

She has a special interest in sensitive empathetic souls, children, animals, those recovering from trauma or past pain, those who have lost all hope, caregivers and healthcare practitioners.

She has continued her quest to help others by continually updating her knowledge and experience, undertaking further study and learning many new techniques.

She now lives with her sporty husband and 2 gorgeous children in a bushland setting in Sydney. She is eternally grateful for the peace and harmony that surrounds her and lies within her. She wants to share it with you.



Registered Nurse

Skincare Specialist

Former Mental Health Nurse

Reiki Practitioner (Level 2)

Mother of 3 (including Twins) 



– Lalah Delia


Growing up in New Zealand, in a semi-rural setting Rebecca has always enjoyed nature and the simple things in life, like just spending time with people. Rebecca has always had a deep empathy for others, which lead to her becoming a Registered Nurse in 1995, after having worked as a volunteer at the local hospital from the age of 15.  

After initially specialising in Acute Mental Health, an interest in the wider community led Rebecca to spend 3 years working as a Community Nurse and travelling the world. Since then, Rebecca has worked in a variety of public health settings in NZ, the UK and Sydney including Mental Health, HIV, Community and General Practice. Plus, Nursing Unit Management. Often working with and supporting people at their lowest and most vulnerable. 

Rebecca’s keen interest in skin care developed as a result of suffering from acne as a teen. Then during her time in Mental Health, she worked with people living with mood disorders, psychosis and also eating disorders, a psychological condition which can have a negative impact on the skin. This experience highlighted the relationship between personal perception of physical appearance and self esteem. This eventually led Rebecca into the world of Cosmetic Nursing and more than a decade spent managing and working in Cosmetic Clinics across Sydney, gaining experience with medical grade lasers, cosmetic surgical procedures, anti-wrinkle injections, medical facial peels and treatments and learning the skin changing benefits of cosmeceutical products.

As well as a desire to help people feel generally happy and healthy, Rebecca is passionate about helping people achieve the skin solutions they are searching for, and often receives feedback from her clients experiencing an overall improvement in the way they feel. 

A culmination of these varied life experiences, along with having experienced difficulty in conceiving, having a child with a physical disability and a personal near death experience have led Rebecca to seek out and get to know Anne-Maree, realising a shared set of values and joining her in her work at Purify Essential Wellness, where the focus is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

Drawn to the Northern Beaches because of a common love of the water, Rebecca and her husband moved from the Inner West. They love watching their three children grow and develop in the relaxed atmosphere of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and feel it’s a great place to be raising a family.


Massage Therapist 

Born and raised in the country, Lisa has always felt a deep connection to nature and the land that supports it. 

Through her study of Natural Therapies, Lisa developed a true appreciation of human touch and what can be achieved through body work, working for many years as a massage therapist and naturopath. Taking time off to raise her three gorgeous boys, Lisa spent several years living and travelling in Asia, giving her the opportunity to explore alternative health care from many different cultures. 

Lisa is now very excited to be back on the Northern Beaches and working with all the lovely practitioners at Purify Essential Wellness.

Liz WakeField

Homeopathy/Massage Therapist


BHSc, BA, NA, Adv.Dip.Hom.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Touch Therapy for Autism

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine from the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy and Naturopathy Studies at Nature Care College

Liz has over 33 years experience in Massage based therapy and homeopathy. She has completed her Advanced Homeopathic Diploma and Bachelor of Health Science Degree in Complementary Medicine.

Liz offers an extensive range of treatments inclusive of Hot Stone, Crystal Massage, Remedial and Lymphatic Massage as well as adult and child Classical Homeopathic Consultations.


Health, Mindset and Life Coach

Sammie is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, focusing on physical, mental and emotional well-being, studying through Nature Care College. Trained also as a Mindfulness Meditation teacher, Whole-Foods Chef and in the past year completed her level 2 Reiki qualifications with Anne-Maree. Sammie has a broad knowledge of helping her clients regain a clear, accessible and personal vision to implement and bring a wide range of their health and wellness goals to life, while learning to appreciate themselves and honour and express their emotions confidently.

Sammie's love for health and well-being stemmed from a very young age, seeing the extent and effects of anxiety, pressures of perfection, comparison and self doubt within her age group and the broader community. Sammie's key focus is to help her clients build a healthy and accepting relationship with themselves, their past and all their emotions. Using a range of Mindful and Self Awareness tools, Sammie's focus is to support her clients to learn to harness the power of their emotions, connect in with themselves, feel worthy enough to honour and respect who they are and nourish themselves from the inside out. She focuses on actionable steps of self care, guiding her clients to personally become aware of what does and doesn't serve them, re-assess what is in alignment with their truest self and re-connect to their values and priorities mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chelsea Godden

Counselling, Psychotherapy & Equine Therapy

Meet Chelsea! Chels is currently studying counselling and psychotherapy and has been drawn to practice with a psychodynamic approach.

This involves looking at behavioural patterns, childhood, conditioning and reactions and responses to situations we are faced with in life. 

Chelsea’s focus is to guide you to connect with your unique and beautiful self and maintain a loving awareness for your internal and external world. With a Reiki 3 certificate under the training of Anne-Maree Zofrea, Chelsea will incorporate intuitive guidance in her practice to ensure that the session is based on the greater good of all. 

Chelsea is an aspiring equine assisted therapist, which she will be offering to a few clients to begin with; for interest in equine therapy please see Chelsea for a counselling session and discuss your goals to identify if equine therapy is a right match for you.

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Lui Kidner


I am a clinical nutritionist and colonic hydrotherapist and I am incredibly passionate about holistic health and wellness. I have special interest and love for gut health (digestive disorders/issues) and the mind- body connection.

However, love working with all different clients health needs including; immune resilience, healthy detoxification, stress reduction/management, energy and fatigue issues, mental health issues, cholesterol & metabolic disease and women’s hormone imbalances. My heart lies in teaching and empowering clients to fulfil a future of health and longevity through awareness and understanding of all areas of nutrition and wellbeing.

This is not as simple as telling a person what not to eat. My approach involves gaining a thorough understanding about your whole health picture; including exploring your current health symptoms, all body systems, your physical health, emotional wellbeing, habits, lifestyle, goals and so much more. I will then create an individualised plan to guide you towards conscious living, emotional awareness, real food, happiness and vitality! No two clients are ever viewed the same.

I am here to simplify your approach to health; to cut out the noise and confusion that is created through “trending” diets, fads and health kicks. To help you create a better relationship with your body, your mind and food. To optimise and vitalise your health and wellness!

Qualifications: Bachelor Health Science Nutritional Medicine. Endeavour College SydneyATMS accredited member: 52165Colonic Hydrotherapy. Australian Colon HealthPsychosomatic therapy (emotional body therapy)- The Art of Listening to Your Body, Reiki level 1- Pure in Heart Pty Ltd. Current Australian First aid and CPR certification

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