Become the Prophet


Become the Prophet

Card Reading & Intuition Workshop

Date: Saturday March 20th 2021

Time: 3pm-5pm

Cost: $44

The answers you seek lie within and yet accessing them can prove exceedingly difficult as the mind likes to interfere. Learn to connect to your highest perception and to ascertain the answers you seek with clarity and non judgement.

Join Anne-Maree Zofrea in this practical, playful workshop.

Learn how to read for yourself and connect to your intuition and deep inner knowing as a daily practice.

You will gain the tools to help guide you, help you understand what lies beneath that which is visible to the naked eye and to find your answers to your questions as and when they arise. 

"You are wiser than you think and more capable than you know!"

You will be taught how to read with the Liberty Oracle Cards, using various spreads considering the past, present and future, to help you gain a clear path forward when feeling stuck, overwhelmed or directionless.

Each of the Liberty cards contains an insight into the depths of human emotion which is then explored, explained and transmuted to a loving perspective in the guidebook written by Anne-Maree. 

Each participant will receive a complimentary deck of the Liberty Oracle Cards and learn how to interpret them in varying life situations.

You will also be taught how to gain specific answers to pertinent questions by learning how to use a pendulum.

Should you not own one, pendulums are available in our practice.


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Past Program Testimonials

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the 88 day program. I enjoyed all of what I could do on it and I have shifted so much since it began. It was inspiring getting all the instagram information and being connected and reminded constantly of what is important to focus on. It is a relief to feel my focus turned to creating and giving. Lots of Love and again thank you so much for your wisdom, effort, and channelling of love in all forms. I do feel free to be me on a whole other level. Thank you " - C

"It is incredible the amount of personal insight and greater self awareness I gained by doing The Purification Program. During the program I was able to look into my world, my life, my body; my human experience under a gentle microscopic viewpoint, all while feeling completely supported. I found the program only took a few minutes of my time - but left quite a profound change in me. Growth. Courage to become more ME and a Freedom I have not really felt before. I would have loved to do this in my teens - had I had the opportunity. Thank you Anne-Maree." - LD

"I loved the program. What it helped me with was daily supplement taking. Affirmations in daily life work. Doing meditation has helped me with my breathing first time in my life I can actually breath properly. It has made me more aware of being in the moment. Consciously to stop, think and breath on a daily basis and I think before doing and saying. Conscious of thought and can see wrong in my thinking and change my thoughts. My conditioning patterns have changed and I'm improving daily. Love love loved the program. Thank you!" - VB