Loved the facial I had with Bec. I left with hydrated, glowing skin that had lasting results - Belinda

What a powerhouse of beautiful women helping others through their craft!

I came to Anne-Maree after a peak health obstacle. In the months following she has helped me in more ways than I can articulate. She is an absolute goddess who has allowed me to get back on track both physically and mentally and I couldn't have done it without her guidance, love and persistence. Thank you AM for everything that you do and continue to do for your clients.

A special mention also to Bec for my monthly facials. Bec's treatments have turned my acne right around. Where medication failed to solve my skin issues, Bec's knowledge and care with my skin allowed it to heal in the right way. Thank you Bec! You are so incredibly talented xxx - Daniella

Bec tailors each consultation to exactly what your skin needs at the time. After each treatment I glide out, feeling totally renewed. As Bec has a wonderful calming approach to her work - its truly a beautiful experience to be pampered by a therapist who loves what she does and implements her knowledge in to each treatment. Thanks again gorgeous Bec, I look forward to seeing you soon - Lulu

I love how Bec makes me feel when I am having a treatment, but I love more that the treatments she determines are best for my skin and the result I want - Kim 

Bec is very skilled and knowledgeable ♥ - Anne Maree

My skin is unbelievably better than before i started seeing her. I particularly love that she doesn't push you into doing unnecessary expensive treatments like so many others... What she suggests works. I trust her completely - Fiona

Omg – let me say that again – OMG!!! Anne-Maree was amazing & totally had me fully worked out in about 10 minutes. She was so spot on with so many areas and all cards she drew out were so incredibly accurate. Biggest change was that picked up on our little boy (aged 5). She asked what was going on with him. We’d just had another episode of him with tummy pains & vomits. I told her we thought worms – she said nope! …. Gluten…. Over the last 2 weeks he’d become so manic & crazy, it was just so challenging! (He was craving bread over the last few weeks) We have just had 3 days without gluten & the difference in him is amazing! There were other areas that she raised that were so spot on. I didn’t want to leave… Just wanted to work with her more! I’ll definitely be back to her… – Rebecca 

I first saw Anne-Maree 3 years ago for some Reiki, I have also seen her for iridology and herbal treatments. Anne-Maree is amazing at what she does. She is gentle and kind and truly has a gift which has helped me heal and grow into the person that I am today and I cannot thank her enough. – Maggie 

Purification Courses have helped me to know and care for myself on a new level and remind me of the beauty and love that connects us all… every group session that I have been a part of, has led to a greater self-awareness, healing and strength. The groups are fun with inspiring people and for me Anne Maree is a conduit to the magic to be found in ourselves and all around us. – Helena 

Anne Maree saved our marriage. No doubt about it whatsoever. We had tried other therapies/counselling but nothing seemed to help. Thanks to Anne Maree we are happy again- so very, very grateful… – Vickie

I have spent years seeking help from therapists, healers, psychologists, hypnotherapy, homeopathy, in an attempt to find peace and happiness. Finally, I have found Anne-Maree, who offers love and light from a pure heart! I could write a book on all the intricacies of the healing that she has facilitated for me! I thank you from the bottom of my heart! May my heart and those of others continue to be purified and free of the pain and fear stored in our unconscious! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Margaret 

Anne-Maree was a serendipity meeting. Right away she connected with me…and wow what a journey of transformation! With so much turmoil and challenges that dampened my personal lens of who I thought I was and what I believed I could achieve….to now seeing life through a whole new kaleidoscope of possibilities. We have the strength and wisdom within us…we sometimes need that helping hand to find the key. Anne-Maree offers that helping hand with the mind, body and spirit. She provides understanding, compassion, unconditional love and pure hearted belief that each and every-one of us can shine. Anne-Maree has the ability to work with all ages assisting my children also. They say… When the student is ready the teacher will come…and I am so very grateful for this beautiful teacher! – Denise 

AM, I feel so at peace with the world! Thank you so much for everything. As I said, over 7 billion people on this planet and I was blessed enough to meet you!!!!!! - Justin

Hello special lady, WOW what have you done with my son. Awesome!!! – J

Forever grateful to have been introduced to Anne Maree. Through her healing, teaching, strength and above all love she has supported me to unlocked what I have been looking for…ME! - Diana

Anne-Marie has been a good friend for many years and has helped me become my true self when there were problems within my personal life. She has the ability to get to the root of a problem and shift it. She is truly trust worthy and am grateful for all she has done not only working with me in person and in distance but my children as well. - Michelle

Purify Essential Wellness has guided me through emotional, mental, physical and spiritual obstacles by providing a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Their passion for my optimal wellbeing has inspired me to live my life to its greatest potential. Purify Essential Wellness has created miracles in my life and I believe they hold the tools for happiness and freedom. - Chelsea

My journey with Anne-Maree has been one of the most profound experiences i've had on the journey back to myself. Ive been to many psychologists/ therapists in general over my time and never have i had such a safe space made for me to be allowed to work through some of my life's biggest road bumps. To be able to work through my difficulties at a speed that allows me to understand and see from a fresh pair of eyes has proven to be, to me, the most important part about seeing Anne-Maree. Her unconditional positive regard has lifted me above my dark days into a whole new paradigm of thinking and mostly, being. I believe the beauty of every session with Anne-Maree is her complete transparency, there is absolutely no beating around the bush. I've recently done a distant healing ( SYDNEY - BYRON BAY ) over the phone, because i simply cant trust anybody else. I clearly can’t recommend Anne-Maree enough. - Cara

Anne-Maree has helped me overcome depression, learn to love myself and become a more loving wife, mother, daughter and friend. Through a combination of straight talking (but said in kindness), card readings and Reiki healing Anne-Maree has helped me change my mind-set and follow my truth. In just a few sessions I am now less reactive, emotional and judgemental of others. I am a stronger, happier person and I can see how this is benefiting all those around me. I have been following her guided meditation for 2 weeks now and am feeling empowered by the messages I am receiving. I'm excited about the future and all the benefits this healing can bring to my life. Thank you so much Anne-Maree for coming into my life. - Gisele

I just wanted to let you know how eternally grateful I am to have met you and seen you to help me heal some things I would never thought were important. I did a big meditation today and it reminded me of how I deserve to be healed. I am learning how truly I am the only one that will heal me. Thank you for letting me be able to see myself as this xx eternal love and gratitude. - B

Dear Anne-Maree and Clients

Thank you all very much for your kind donation. Your donation has allowed my family to continue to survive another week. Your kindness to people you don't know is overwhelming. Thank you.

As you may be aware, our district is experiencing crippling drought which has affected many businesses, ours included, and then having our main bread-winner dingoes with cancer was, is overwhelming. Knowing people care, gave us a chance to take a breath and keep going.

Your donation will allow my daughter to have a lovely 18th. I did not know how I was going to pay for her celebrations, this donation has allowed us to buy her a lovely ring to celebrate her coming of age. The ring was $115 and under normal circumstances, I would not have hesitated to spend this amount on something so significant for her, I am grateful she will have something lovely to remind her of her birthday and not just the year her dad got sick . We will be celebrating with a bonfire and a BBQ with family and friends, who have offered to cater, so this is our silver-lining in a trying time.

Can I mention, I was excited to see the elephant card, they, elephants, are my absolute favourite animal. it must mean this donation was destined to come to my family. Love elephants!

Please all keep well and I will pray for you and ask the Lord to keep you all safe and in his protection. - L