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Purification Healing Meditation

We are all spiritual beings in a physical body. As such, we are all able to sense, intuit and feel energy including the energy of fear, pain and harsh situations. Often individuals carry this negative energy as if it was their own either in their energy field (aura) or it detrimentally impacts their spiritual energy reserves (chakras) and meridians. When this occurs we can become blocked, drained, depleted and negative as our life draws to us similar energy via the spiritual principle “like attracts like”. The extent to which you are impacted by your surrounds and others depends upon your sensitivity and your ability to maintain yourself in perfect balance. Often the more you have suffered and carry unprocessed hurt, the more you are impacted and unable to maintain yourself in perfect balance.

This meditation is aimed to help you let go of that which is not in your best interests to carry or for the greater good of all, align and cleanse your chakras (your spiritual batteries), cleanse all layers of your aura ( your spiritual antenna) and bring you into balance and wholeness by filling you with the energy of love and light. I hope you enjoy it. May you be blessed with a life filled with love, peace, harmony, health, well being and prosperity in all areas of your life. With grace and gratitude for you and your contribution to this world. AM

Terms and Conditions: All steps taken by you in accordance with this meditation are made of your own free will and based upon your intuition and you release us from all or any liability, costs, claims and demands arising from any reliance upon the contents of the meditation. All rights in respect of the meditation are the property of Anne-Maree Zofrea and Pure in Heart Pty Ltd. All rights are reserved, including but not limited to intellectual property rights and copyright.

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